From Surviving to Thriving

Breaking Through To A New Level of Mental and Emotional Vitality


A Previously Recorded Webinar Program

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Week 1

Re-patterning Your Nervous System

Understand how your intention and attention actually change your neural networks

Your brain is not limited to your head... you have vast numbers of neurons in your heart and gut!

Dissolve your embodied neural patterns of stress, pain, and suffering and create space for patterns of health, joy, and love

Alcazar will guide an amazing energy meditation to rebalance and repattern your extended nervous system

Week 2

Freeing Your Mind & Emotions

 Understand the major impact that your early life has on limiting your present day experience

Learn how you can use your mind to consciously recognize and unravel those unhealthy mental and emotional patterns

Start to KNOW your Superconsciousness - the real intelligence that is you, beyond the mind and evolve to the next level of being human!

This week's meditation will focus on understanding, loving, and freeing the mind and emotions

Week 3

Transforming Your Relationships

Realize that your relationships impact your sense of self, and how family and society has created patterns of limiting conditioning

Improve existing relationships by trusting yourself to be natural and honoring the differences in others

Dissolve the fear of being seen so that you can be acknowledged as who you truly are

Alcazar will support you with a meditation to re-define the way you relate to yourself and others

Week 4 - To Be Revealed By Alcazar!

As in the Growing Young Series, Alcazar has not yet revealed the fourth week's topic...  Last time it was a big surprise, but it brought in the underlying cause of all our patterning that create aging.

Elements Each Week

Each week will move you through a process of understanding your human experience through the lens of the latest cutting-edge scientific discoveries about the embodied brain, the mind & emotions, and the relationships that shape you.
Open to Alcazar's insight and wisdom as he answers questions about what's holding you back (submit YOUR questions after signing up!), giving in-depth explanations about how you can break through to a new level of vitality in your life.  
"Freedom does not have to be the goal.  Freedom can be part of the journey."  -Alcazar
Receive weekly Stargate energy meditations  designed to launch you into the self-love and insight flow that allows you to experience yourself in a new light, a new vitality, a new youthfulness.

From Surviving to Thriving

It is our intention to share this wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences accessible to everyone, we are are offering this program with the option of selecting how much you wish to contribute. No matter your level of contribution, you'll still receive the same program as everyone else. We trust that you will honor the mission of the Stargate and contribute at the level you can afford.


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Receive New Stargate Meditations That Will Assist You To Feel Full of Vitality

Loving Yourself As You Are Meditations

Before you can change, you need to love and appreciate yourself as you are.  This is difficult for many people because of unconscious belief systems.  Alcazar will guide us in recognizing these old programs and dissolving them, which leads naturally to self-love and appreciation.

Re-patterning Meditations

 Your brain-mind mechanism is staggeringly amazing!  It can re-program itself very quickly.  Alcazar will guide you on how to use your intention and attention, amplified by the Stargate energetics, to re-program your mind and emotions, your embodied brain and nervous system, and the nature of your relationships.

Allow the Stargate to dissolve mental and emotional cycles that continue to limit you...

Beloved Ones We Greet Thee, 'tis Alcazar

For many years we have been saying that what is occurring here on your Earth is on the leading-edge of creation, and that the Universe is watching.

There is great excitement now, because humanity’s awakening is in progress.  

And you who are drawn to this Stargate work are the way-showers.

And we wish to communicate with you on many levels:

 What is occurring,

What is about to become,

And your role in self-transformation, which leads to the transformation of humanity, which leads to the transformation of the whole Universe.  Hard for the mind to accept perhaps, but it is the case.

We invite you to join us for another four week series to find out for yourself HOW your humanness operates…  HOW your superconsciousness connects to your humanness…  HOW, by combining this understanding, you can re-create your reality.

How, with this understanding, you can change your body, you can re-program your mind into freedom, you can change your societies.

Beloveds, it is time… It is happening now. 

 There is so much support on so many levels for humans’ evolution right now.

You are riding the wave of transformation.  Allow us to give you a boost energetically, a boost on a mental level so you can understand what is occurring, and a boost on a feeling/emotional level, so that there is so much joy in your heart, so much love in your beingness - that the minor irritations of your old conditioning no longer limit you.

 Come join us, free the world, starting with yourself.

Be The Revolution

"Free The World... Starting With Yourself" 

-  Alcazar


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