Stargate Energy Meditations


Each of the audios below has the potential to generate a high vibrational energy field around you...

In order to achieve the highest potential it is important that you meditate rather than just listen.  Free yourself from distractions, get comfy, and keep your eyes closed throughout the experience to allow the energy to build within you!
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Start Here...

This first audio explains the potentials of creating an etheric (energetic) Stargate to meditate within a high vibrational energy field.

Experience An Etheric Stargate Meditation

This meditation will guide you through the process of creating and feeling an etheric (energetic) Stargate coming to you, and give you an experience of the Stargate frequencies.


Etheric Stargate Meditation



The Quantum Self, Intuition, and the Essence of Life



Introducing The Quantum Self


Loving Yourself As You Are



Resonating with the Star Families and the Next Generation of Kids on Earth



From Superconciousness To Being Inside a Higher Dimensional Spacecraft



Pleiadian Re-balancing (frequencies that heal on all levels) – & Quantum Self Energizing


"The Powerful One"


Not Knowing Is The Most Intimate


Magic Is Not Magic At All...



Understanding the Act of Creation



The Power of Love



Introducing The Venus Gatekeepers



Mother Mary Meditation



Feeling The Energy of Your Home and Family from The Stars



Transmissions From The Lemurian Masters And Adama



Alcazar Teachings on How to Compress Time



Meditation: An Experience in Compressing Time


Solstice Stargate Alignment Meditation

Stargate Equinox Energies

Vibrational Journey into Telos

The Stargate Energizes The Blueprint For A New Humanity

The Inner Child Work - Dissolving Limitations, Accelerating Growth

Planting Seeds For A New Reality


Crystalline Consciousness And The Essence of Life



Crystalline Essence The Temple of Truth



Connecting With The Planets



New Year's 2019 - It's Time To Be Free



Preparing For The Blueprint



Gratitude Meditation With Music



Quantum Bliss Meditation



Essence of Life Meditation



Quantum Creation


Activating the Stargate - Connecting with Telos

Reconnecting To Our Vastness

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