A Variety Of Deeper Experiences, Offered As A Gift From Us To You!

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A Superconscious Inner Child

We invite you to this special global broadcast, where we will introduce you to the multi-faceted abilities of your Superconscious Inner Child...Discover this magic within.

Available in ten languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Hebrew, Bulgarian and Slovene

Original air date: October 17th, 2020

Livestream Series
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Stargate Solstice Alignment Remember - Rebalance - Realign

Join The Stargate Experience & Linda Kubota Byrd

This Free Livestream Will Contain Three Parts: A Deeper Look At The Astrology / A Stargate Transmission / Heart Assisted Therapy

Livestream date: June 20th 2020

Livestream Series
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Into The Future!

Join Prageet for a look at what's coming next from The Stargate Experience.

A meditation with Alcazar and whatever else might come through...

Original air dates: May &  June, 2020

Livestream Series
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Emergence: Accelerating The Awakening of Humanity

Livestream - 4 day energy experience

This is an opportunity to add your energy to the field created by thousands of people from around the world, who were consciously assisting in the creation of a new reality for the Earth.

Original air dates: April 30th - May 3rd, 2020

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30 days of 

At Home With Prageet and Alcazar

Prageet sharing his ideas and comments, followed by a Stargate meditation guided by Alcazar.

Original air dates: March & April 2020

Livestream Series
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Activating Your Internal Stargate

2-hour Webinar

Start the process of energizingand opening up your internal Stargate.

Original air date: February 26th, 2020

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Stargate introductory presentation

Nanaimo, Science And Spirituality Conference

This is a great introduction to The Stargate Experience delivered to an audience of hundreds of people, many of whom were new to the Stargate!

Event date: July 2018

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An Embrace From The Beyond

Free webinar series

This was a free weekly webinar to support the Stargate community with questions answered by Alcazar - and Stargate energy transmissions.

6 Sessions - Available in English, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian

Original air date: February and March 2019

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