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Into The Void

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What's Beyond the Quantum Field? 

Beyond Knowledge, Into The Truths That The Masters Have Known

Enter Into The Mystery of the Void, And Meet Your Higher Self

Harness The Power of Collective Transmissions To Move Further, Faster!



The first 3 days of 'Into The Void' will be shared free of charge, building a foundational field of energy, experience & understanding upon which our journey will unfold...

"Beloved Ones,

We are opening our arms and our hearts to guide you deeper into a reality beyond that which you have known. 

We will be riding the wave that has been created by thousands of the Stargate family meditating together for almost a year. 

This collective energy field will be fuel to lift you into the vastness, into the home of the Masters, where you can discover the real you."

- Alcazar, The Stargate's Guide

Into The Void - the full series  - will continue with

3 days each week > 3 weeks each month > for 3 months

A voyage into previously unknown experiences. 


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The Stargate Experience has been guiding people into the Quantum Field for 33 years...

Now, the next evolution is upon us!

'Into The Void' is an invitation for those courageous souls who know they are here with a purpose - a purpose to assist in the awakening of humanity and the reconnecting with the Universal family who await us.

Watch the video to discover the Stargate - and how it enables direct, multidimensional experiences for those who meditate within its energy fields.

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