Expanding Into Superconsciousness


The Thanksgiving 2020

Stargate Intensive Audio Set



"Life is waiting for you. Life wants to flow through you. Your Superconscious is wanting you to listen to your intuition. Your Superconscious is the real you wanting to guide your humanness. Your Superconscious is you helping you.

Is it not time to listen, to follow your Superconscious?


- Alcazar, The Stargate's Guide



Experience the Culmination of Over 30 Years of the Stargate


During this intensive, Alcazar introduces us to what can be a completely life changing process - a process that guides us into living from our Superconsciousness. This process is very simple, but your strong intention and focus is needed.

While guiding us into this connection to our Superconscious Self, the Guides assist us in grounding the energies of love, compassion and equality within. We then we radiate these potent energies into the human morphic field, assisting in the raising of the vibration of humanity.

Would you like to join us in contributing energies of oneness, compassion, love, equality to humanity?


Our Intention


“These days together we wish to bring an understanding and a moving into the vibration of love and compassion, and we have said equality.


Equality is not often connected with love and compassion, but unless you can see each and every one of you as equal, different but equal, deserving all for everyone, until you can acknowledge the equality you cannot be in love and compassion.


It is our hope and expectation that these days will create an energetic that is so strong and so powerful that we can guide you to project that energetic in an amplified way into the morphic field of humanity, assisting in bringing more of these energies to those who are open to receive them."


Day One

Alcazar shares their perspective on what's happening in our world right now, and invites us to assist in creating change simply by raising our own vibration. Alcazar then brings our attention to the power of our intention, and invites us to amplify our intention to be free. The Pleiadians invite us into an experience of bringing a higher vibration of love to humanity. We receive this energy of pure love from the Pleiadians and radiate it into the human morphic field.

"You sent an energy of pure love into the morphic field, and humanity is already vibrating a little bit higher...We celebrate that gift you have given, and we will guide you through more in these days."

Day Two

Alcazar guides us into an experience in connecting with our inner child, and the Sisters of Cassiopeia bath us in a field of their love. On this day Alcazar begins to introduce the process of how to shift our awareness into our Superconscious Self. We are then guided into a meditation where the Guides bring energies of love and awareness, which are designed to assist us in creating compassion within.

Compassion is love and wisdom combined, for understanding is needed for compassion, and love is needed for compassion....it is time to bring your love and wisdom together for your own Self."

Day Three

Alcazar reveals an opportunity that has the potential to drastically change our lives. They explain that this body is just an avatar, and now is the time to step out, now is the time to be the one controlling the avatar, to raise our humanness into a whole new level of experiencing. The technique that is being offered is very simple, it just takes your intention and focus. How much do you want to be free?

“There is a possibility this day for you to change your life completely and absolutely, and it is very simple, it will take a little practice, but it is very simple.”

Day Four

“You have created this beauteous boundless awareness, space, conscious presence into which all kinds of gifts from beyond the veil, from the real reality can permeate, and there is nothing to do but simply be.”

Alcazar guides us in the practice of expanding our awareness into our Superconsciousness and then anchoring this connection within our humanness. The Telosians offer a transmission to assist us in embodying a more direct connection with our Superconscious Self. Spirit offers a profound energetic gift that we receive and then radiate into the human morphic field. 

 Experience the Direct Wisdom of Alcazar

In each Stargate intensive, space is made available for participants to ask questions and receive one-on-one guidance from Alcazar. Alcazar often says that the shares are just as important as the meditations because it provides the guides with feedback on how we, our human selves, are perceiving the energies. It also is a time where the release of old patterns can happen very quickly, which then opens up the space for the Guides to bring in the next level of energies to the group.

Here are some of the topics that Alcazar shares his wisdom on in this intensive:

  • Alcazar's definition of trust
  • Forgiveness is a first step; move beyond into a higher perspective
  • Alcazar's direct guidance for participants on how to connect with their inner child
  • How we can navigate the current global situation
  •  The difference between merging and unity
  • Glimpses into what living your Superconscious is and isn't
  • And much more!

 Expanding Into Superconsciousness

The Thanksgiving 2020 Stargate Intensive Audio Set

It is our intention to share this wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences accessible to everyone, we are are offering this program with the option of selecting how much you wish to contribute.  No matter your contribution, you'll still receive the same Stargate program as everyone else. 

We trust that you will honor the mission of the Stargate and contribute at the level you can afford.


One Time Payment

Audio set includes:

  • 3 Unique Alcazar Channelings
  • 11 New Stargate Energy Meditations
  • Access to all the Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime Access to this Series
Start Your Journey!


One Time Payment

Audio set includes:

  • 3 Unique Alcazar Channelings
  • 11 New Stargate Energy Meditations
  • Access to all the Q&A sessions
  • Lifetime Access to this Series
Start Your Journey!

“If you truly wish to evolve into a Superconscious being, revisit the awareness - the pure sphere of awareness that encompasses your human experience, and allow that awareness to speak honestly, to inform you of next steps, okay?