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You can make your life a masterpiece.
You can create the scenario of your life
and be the designer of your own dreams.

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Join us for a unique online event and experience ultimate life transformation!

Beyond evolving and growing during your time on the planet, you have the right to thrive and manifest your wishes. As human beings, we are subconsciously programmed since conception. We attract circumstances based on those programs.


Some of our programs and habits are limiting. It is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind in a way that will put you on your desired path. By acquiring the tools to elevate the most important areas of your life, you can free your mind, find your true-life purpose and experience your highest human potential.

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Get the knowledge and tools you need to resolve issues and start thriving!

 Connect with a group of like-minded people and learn how to elevate your life during the following 5 modules.



 Elevate Your Health

Learn how to locate and eliminate the emotional conflicts related to a health issue. Become independent in creating a healthy body and mind. Discover how to live a life with a "conflict-free mindset" no matter what kind of life circumstances you are experiencing.
  • Understand the root cause of health issues
  • Learn how to neutralize the emotional trigger related to an illness
  • Uncover and transform unwanted subconscious programs
  • Learn how to lower your stress during an emotional crisis
  • Discover how to resolve emotional conflicts
  • Learn how to help your younger self let go of the pain
  • Learn how to live above conflicts


 Elevate Your Relationship

Understand the origins of your relationship struggles and learn how to eliminate their unconscious causes. Uncover the role your partner plays in your life, based on your unique programming. During this class, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the past and come to better understand the patterns you have been experiencing. You will also acquire tools that will allow you to communicate efficiently and harmoniously with your life partner, co-worker, friends, and family.
  • Discover the male and female survival programs
  • Understand the masculine and feminine worlds of perception
  • Discover why you attract who you attract
  • Learn how to express your needs while keeping harmony
  • Acquire tools to resolve conflicts
  • Learn how to maintain mutual attraction
  • Discover how to rekindle a relationship


 Elevate Your Daily Life

Discover how to control your thoughts and how to experience a resourceful mindset each day of your life. Learn how to become the master of your emotional state and how to use your imagination and creativity to attract what you want based on your alignment with the universe.
  • Access the root cause of negative thinking
  • Understand the source of depression
  • Discover your pattern of focus
  • Learn how to shift your emotional state in one instant
  • Learn how to design your day and be productive
  • Create healthy boundaries with others
  • Discover how to thrive during challenges
  • Use each day to manifest long-term success


 Elevate Your Finances

Unleash your capacity to create abundance no matter your skills or how old you are. Learn how to vibrate at the ideal frequency to manifest financial security, create abundance and discover your life purpose.
  • Discover how to let go of the poverty program
  • Learn how to create a good relationship with money
  • Choose long-term success instead of short-term pleasure
  • Learn how to eliminate debt
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Learn how to be in alignment with the universe to create abundance


 Elevate Your Consciousness

Learn how to live in a state of perpetual discernment, evolution, Love, and inspiration. Discover how you can communicate with your subconscious mind and open the channels to give and receive information when needed. Access levels of awareness that will allow you to be guided in the best life directions for your happiness and success.
  • Discover the influence of the Parental Project
  • Let go of programs that do not belong to you
  • Understand the 4 stages of evolution and how to access the spiritual level
  • Learn how to free yourself from the animal program
  • Uncover how to be in alignment with your purpose
  • Learn how to truly Forgive
  • Discover how to live life on your own terms

What Participants Are Saying About Isabelle

"I have been a MD for almost 30 years and have more than 10 years training in many different forms of holistic and vibrational medicine. The work Isabelle so elegantly does in my point of view and personal experience is one of the most needed approach to health. She brings a true meaning to healing, the one that ripples back generations, heals the present and gives the client a whole new direction to Life. She has been a crucial factor in my own personal healing. I am forever grateful for crossing paths with her.” 
Andrea Vianna, MD, DABHM
"After years of therapy with my husband and continuous disappointments, it is the first time I understand the unconscious reasons behind our struggles. I came home a different person and our relationship has drastically improved since then. Isabelle showed me what I could not see on my own. My husband and I are now more connected than ever and I feel happy in my heart. I will be forever grateful."
Sonia Van Den Bosch
“Isabelle is a master of her work. Her confidence, her demeanor, her grace and her ability to convey her ideas about her subject cannot be matched. The amount of healing that took place during the workshop was amazing and I feel privileged to have witness so many people open their hearts and shift. I have to say this was by far the best workshop I attended to date (and I went to many)!”

Event Dates

We will meet online every month
Each of the 5 modules is a 2.5-hour class

Starting at 11 am Pacific Time 

Free Introduction Event: Saturday, October 28th 2023

Module 1:  Sunday, November 5th 2023

Module 2: Wednesday, November 22nd 2023

Module 3: Sunday, December 3rd 2023

Module 4: Sunday, December 10th 2023

Module 5: Sunday, December 17th 2023

About Isabelle Benarous

Isabelle Benarous is the founder of the BioReprogramming® Institute. Her background as a trainer in the science of Biological Decoding and Neuro-linguistic-programming led her to develop the practical technology of BioReprogramming®. Isabelle’s synthesis offers a comprehensive approach based on the science of human evolution and the processes of the mind. The purpose of her method is to offer lasting solutions for emotional conflicts, optimize the prevention of illness and help individuals reach their highest human potential.

Isabelle Benarous teaches a variety of seminars that cover a broad range of topics including BioReprogramming®, Biological Decoding, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Weight Management, among others. Isabelle is acclaimed for her clear explanations, creativity, and strategic intellect while conducting live interventions during her seminars. Her belief is that strong technical skills are needed in order to help people with illnesses resolve their emotional conflicts. Her goal is to educate and inspire others to become masters of their own healing and to offer therapists a new perspective in approaching illness. As a public speaker and consultant, Isabelle has built an outstanding reputation with a number of holistic health service organizations throughout the world and currently maintains a private practice at the Healing Arts Center of Altadena, CA.

Isabelle Speaks About Her Discoveries

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Join us for a unique online event and experience ultimate life transformation!