Beloved Ones, we greet thee, 'tis Alcazar, 

in these days together, we will be creating a multitude of energetic forms which we will weave together. We will draw participants around your world, gently drawing them with these energies into the Quantum Field, into the new potential that exists there for their lives and drawing them, coaxing them into the Field and supporting them in envisioning a more beautiful reality here on your earth -- for themselves and for humanity.

And from that place, we will be assisting them in tangibly feeling that which we call their Superconscious aspect so that as they move back out into their lives, they are aware of this permanent higher vibrational self that is always available, always accessible, always ready and willing to support the human experience.

It is time, Beloved Ones, to know your true self and to claim the life experience that your true self can support you with. These will be times of grand revelations for some of your participants, both physical and global. Exciting times. And as you have heard, the energies are already being prepared. When you decided to come together in this way, you already set in motion movements to support that which will be created. The Universe will be watching.

So Beloved Ones, there is indeed an upgrade both individually and collectively that will be and already is available. An unlocking of higher levels of intensification can allow a breakthrough in levels of consciousness of those who are drawn to gather. And this breakthrough into a radically new way of experiencing self naturally ripples out, naturally touching the lives of those who are near and dear, and those also who are distantly related. There is a kind of fractal reality, a radiation that will be occurring. All that is required of you is to show up In the spirit of collaboration, meaning that as new heights are reached, there is a finger on the pulse of that which is wishing to occur next. And so we will be with you. We will be watching, and we will see, you very soon.

"Greetings. We are Elohim.

The choices that you have made in collaboration are for the benefit of humanity. Not just the individuals that come to receive, yet all of those that are in relationship to these individuals will see and receive the benefits of your collaboration.

The energy, the light, the power, and the love that will be transmitted in the days that you have assigned for this work will open a new level of recognition of the power of love that is within them. 

The access to this divine love of creation, the receptivity, the increased understanding, as well as the increased capacity to hold and to transmit this love in its purest form, will become a reality to the individuals being adjusted, aligned, and upgraded on these days.

It is indeed a template within the human form, yet rarely active with most individuals, rarely needed, and rarely utilized. The power of this level of love, of this depth of connection, is a new establishment for all of humanity in this current time.

The circumstances justify this intervention: the changes that are arising on this plane, the challenges that are coming forth — within and without. For all of the circumstances, and the current reality experienced, this increased level of love, this increased level of energy, will be critical for the way forward. 

And, this energy in itself will fuel every step of the self-realization process. Every step forward, every step made to a greater potential, to a greater unity, to a deeper understanding of consciousness itself, will be supported by this opening.

You, as the facilitators, are the conduits to bring forth this level of presence to these many individuals. You are the ones that will hold the energy as it moves through the higher planes into this plane of existence through your physical and energetic vessels, through your activated heart centers.

It will be the exact flavor, the exact frequency that is required at this time of transition and transformation. Allow yourself to be prepared until the days come of this collaboration. The work on each of you will start ahead of time, to bring forth this energy to as many people as possible. These adjustments will be required to provide you with the foundation, the stability, and the strength required to deliver these transmissions.

We are grateful for your service, and humanity, as a consciousness, is honored to receive your service. Thank you for choosing this path."

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