Beloved Ones, we greet thee, 'tis Alcazar, 

Alcazar (Prageet):  As you are all beginning to sense, this gathering will indeed be an acceleration of consciousness, and similar to the last process that you have done together, it will indeed create a shift in the life experiences of those who participate, as well as the moving forward of that which you individually and together can offer to the world.

Alcazar (Prageet): There are going to be more accelerated leaps of consciousness. Each time that you are drawn together to share your skills, abilities with groups of people around your world, know this: you are going to be brought together again and again. Your locations will vary, for it is important to move into other physical places, to share the energetic in different locations around your globe.

Alcazar (Prageet): As this one has already said, guidance will be there during this week together. Indeed, the energetic of the Sirians is already aligning with this location. You might find, should you return there, a sense that this Sirian energy is actually beginning to anchor and adjust some of the vibrations of this location.

Alcazar (Prageet): There will be those who will feel called to join you — not just because of the excitement of participating in the workshop, but those who actually feel called, drawn, to bring their energy into that place for it will be of great benefit for them. They will feel the call from their guidance to assist them being there for their own individual, rapid acceleration. So this indeed will be an exciting, profitable, enterprise — profitable in terms of the energetic shift that will occur through you all for a large section of humanity, for these energies we expect to be radiated around your world. We thank you for your service.

Alcazar (Julieanne): So beloved ones, this is about anchoring new realms, new spaces, new availability. You are drawing into the immersive container of your experiencing together. Something that has been missing, a piece of humanity's spiritual territory that has not been accessible yet: these bridges that this one Emmanuel describes will be linking into a network around this Earth.

Alcazar (Julieanne): As you know, you're in shamanic territory in your Costa Rica, you are in a land that has mystery. You are in a land that has ancient energetic devices. You do not need to know specifically what these devices bring, but you should know that activations of ancient mechanisms that have been placed in that land will be coming to life, will be sensed in the field.

Alcazar (Julieanne): Beloveds, this is about becoming more of who you truly are, as it always is with these collaborations. And yet there is a coming to life, an illumination, enhanced pathways to awakening. This is what we describe when we talk of new territory, 'tis not new, but it will be new to your experience, and to many of those participant's experiences on this Earth plane.

Alcazar (Julieanne): And yet with this territory comes a recognition, the star seed activation, the part of self that has been accustomed to having these spaces in your consciousness to move into. We are saying this will be recognized by your conscious awareness as something that you recognize from off-planet experiences. In this way, we will be using the energy of the Lion's Gate to create this enhanced opening.

Alcazar (Julieanne): And we invite you to feel the potential energy of this gathering as it is vibrating all around each of you, as you hear these words. The potentials are already set in the field, and yet the precise nature of what you draw into this reality and concretize in the morphogenetic field will be determined as you live into the experiences, as you draw them forth, as you share them, and through that sharing, the openings spark the next directive, the next area of movement, the next energies descending, and so this is indeed a co-creation as always.

"Greetings. I am Emmanuel.

As you have already discovered and understood the importance of the congregations between all of you together, human beings in the service of the evolution of humanity, bringing forth energies and frequencies of different kind, yet of collaborative makeup. Establishing this energies and anchoring them into this physical plane so that all of humanity can receive, so that all of humanity can be impacted in this time of transition.

Greater groups of humanity will be impacted by the energies that will move into this human plane at that particular spot in Costa Rica through the established bridges before humanity's seeding. Bridges of this kind exist all across the globe, and some bridges maintained their potency over time.

You will make use of the bridges established to higher planes and higher energies. Those that will be called to join will bathe and become vessels themselves during that period of time. All vessels combined will establish a great vessel, a group collective vessel, an energy received and transmuted for the benefit of humanity.


In the process of receiving, transmuting, as well as transmitting, all of those that have chosen to participate will benefit as well. Physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, mental wellbeing, and energetic alignment will become a part of this experience.

The combination of your energies combined, the combination of the energies at that physical location, the combination of all of the individuals that participate in this experience, with the energies that are accessible on those dates of the year will make a very unique availability of potential. And this potential will ripple across all of human consciousness. Thank you for considering this and endeavor."

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