The Lost Goddess

Reclaiming The Divine Power of Creation







A 3-Week Livestream Series

with Michele Castro




Buried deep in the heart center of our Western spiritual traditions is the story of ‘The Lost Goddess.’

It is one of the most ancient tales known to our civilization. Traced back to its origins in Ancient Egypt, it has been told again and again by the Ancient Greeks, the Gnostics, the Early Christians, and is still prevalent today, in the fairy tales told to children.
This story is an emanation of Spirit and an understanding of what it means to be human. It is a tale of the descent into incarnation and the ascension back into the Eternal. For many of our lifetimes, this story has been used against us, as a means of manipulation to polarize and suppress…
It is time we understand this story, bring the Goddess back home, and allow her to support the awakening that is occurring on this planet!

The Lost Goddess

A 3-Week Series with Michele Castro

Live Broadcast Schedule

Week 1: June 25th & 26th 

Week 2: July 2nd & 3rd

Week 3: July 9th & 10th

12pm - 2pm Pacific Time each day

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This will be an exploration into the lineage of the Goddess and what that means for both men and women. This program will help us understand the Black Isis and the Cosmic White Isis and strengthen her frequencies within the morphogenetic field of humanity.


A Message From The Goddess Isis

“Dearest Ones,  

There was a time in your human lineage when I was revered, known and worshiped by all, by those in your ruling classes and those who were the poorest of servants. I was worshiped by many names, beyond the lands of the native Egyptians, flourishing upon almost every continent of your world. I was the heart and center of all institutions, all governing bodies, all medical services, it was I who governed the brewing of beer, tending to the sick and dying, cared for the children and childbirth, and led you home when you got lost. I am the Eternal One, Mother to all gods and goddesses, I am the wife of God.

It is never the Goddess that has been corrupted or distorted, I still reign as the Queen of Heaven. It was my statice on Earth that has been usurped. It was the stories that were stolen and used for manipulation and control. These stories were used to strengthen the rift and divide amongst the masculine and feminine polarities. It is my statice as the Black Goddess that has been lost, that has left humanity to suffer in the illusion of separation. 

As you are aware, this rift is beginning to mend and it is time for Isis to be reinstated on my rightful throne. It is quite known throughout your Multiverse that there is No power greater than the Divine Power of Creation, and it is quite true that these powers were withdrawn from your human understanding for the sake of protection.

Dearest Ones, it is safe again to bring these powers here again. It is time to revive and reclaim the story of ‘The Lost Goddess.’”

Keys for Navigating Your Transformation

Week One

Welcoming the Essence of the Rose

  • Anchoring into the safety and connection of the Divine
  • Exploring our relationship to Trust
  • Creating a reference point to witness our humanness 

Week Two

Embracing the Dark Mother

  • Understanding the body as an entry point into the field of the psyche, unconscious storykeeper and access to the Quantum Field.
  • Acknowledging our states of imperfection as the entry points into the 'womb space of the Goddess.'
  • Recognizing and letting go of 'body as object' and 'body as project.'

Week Three

Tending Our Rose Garden

  • Making space for the 'felt sense' of Power
  • Claiming our 'Sovereign Beauty and Strength'
  • Celebrating the Sacred Marriage of 'self' to 'Superconscious Self'

Watch the Introductory Livestream!

 In this livestream, Michele guides us in a Solstice celebration to honor the revival and restoration of the Lost Goddess and the Sacred Templates for the New Humanity.

There is strong intention to support our community in becoming more embodied and to deepen our experience of the 'felt sense’ so we can Source and differentiate between our true Superconscious Self and our illusion more easily.

This sense of embodiment will allow us to anchor and harness our emerging powers that long to be reunited with our human selves.

The Lost Goddess

Reclaiming The Divine Power of Creation

It is our intention to share this wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences more accessible to those countries and individuals who are financially challenged at the moment, we are creating an inexpensive option to purchase this program.

 Please contribute at the level you are capable of in order to support us in sharing this work!


One Time Payment

  • Lifetime access to the full series
  • Join the live broadcasts or experience the replays
  • Audio downloads of all channelings and meditations
Start Your Journey!


One Time Payment

  • Lifetime access to the full series
  • Join the live broadcasts or experience the replays
  • Audio downloads of all channelings and meditations
Start Your Journey!


One Time Payment

  • Lifetime access to the full series
  • Join the live broadcasts or experience the replays
  • Audio downloads of all channelings and meditations
Start Your Journey!

About Michele Castro

  Michele has been a part of the Stargate Community for over a decade; raising her 2 children in the energies and with guidance of Alcazar.

 In 2013, she decided to study for a Master's Degree in Integrative Psychology, bridging Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology. She has also done extensive training in trauma and understanding of the nervous system, giving a unique understanding of ‘Awakening’ as a biological process. Michele has learned to use these principles and the ‘Frequencies of Spirit’ to address her own traumas and limitations, as well as approach everyday life challenges as an opportunity for growth, transformation, and expansion.

 In 2020, while attending a Stargate Experience Intensive in Mt Shasta, she was flooded with the energies of ‘Isis’  and was initiated into the’ Mysteries Schools’ using the Essence of Life work; guided and supported by the wisdom of Julianne Conard. Michele now leads groups and holds individual sessions, helping people to safely ‘descend’ into ‘the womb space of the Goddess’ and discover the places in their body that hold their individual limitations, in order to reclaim and restore the Divine Creative Power that naturally unfolds on the journey of Ascension.

 “Dearest Ones, it is safe and it is time to bring back your true Power. It is necessary to work within, in the field of your bodies, as the body is the doorway into the Womb Space of the Goddess, the Seat of your Sacred Source.”

- Isis