The Blueprint

For A New Humanity

A Global Stargate Gathering

In Slovenia, April 2019


Broadcast Live Around The World

In Nine Languages!


"The blueprint will enable you to access abilities that you have not had here, that have not been possible here up until this moment, up until this vibratory level of humanity." - Alcazar

This very special 4-day event, held in Slovenia April 2019, is where the Blueprint For A New Humanity is first brought in by Alcazar and the Guides. Alcazar describes this blueprint as similar to the blueprint for a house yet to be built, however this blueprint is intended to accelerate the process of anchoring more of our Superconscious abilities into our human form.
This four day event is co-presented with Prageet and Julieanne of The Stargate Experience and Robert Haig Coxon and Lilly Wong. 



Anchoring 'The Blueprint For A New Humanity' Around The World

As It Anchors Within You!

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Come, be part of the new creation, the new energetic being introduced to your world. 

- Alcazar


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