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A message from Alcazar, the Stargate's Guide:

"Your Superconsciousness wants to guide your humanness
so that your human part can have the most beautiful
experience here in this physical reality."


Becoming Superconscious has become

a life-changing meditation series

for thousands of people around the world! 

140 energy


Effortlessly expand your awareness into higher states of consciousness.

200+ channelings
from Alcazar

Channeled wisdom & energy transmissions from the beyond.

Over 10,000 participants

A global field of collective oneness. Experience
 a tangible feeling of energetic support and community.

Watch the live-streamed experience on demand!

 You are a Superconsciousness


"The real you is actually this Superconsciousness, a small part of which is in your human form. The process of learning and growing, evolving, and raising your vibration is in order for more of your Superconsciousness to be in the physical form.

And the more conscious that you are in the physical form, the more your abilities open, the more creative you become and the more you understand the very act of how to create that which you wish to have in your life.

Your Superconsciousness is always connected to your humanness, but most people are totally unaware of that.
Your Superconsciousness wants to guide your humanness so that your human part can have the most beautiful experience here in this physical reality."


- Alcazar, The Stargate Guide

Part of mastery is about recognizing
that you are here on this planetary system as a soul, as a Superconsciousness
to learn, evolve, and grow.


- Alcazar, The Stargate Guide

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Fantastic Experiences

"Fantastic experiences and in the Quantum Field I perceive freedom, fullness and the full warmth of love. Since following the series I have become even more sensitive to nature, and I am more serene. My work has increased and money came in unexpectedly."

- Roberto


"Wow, wow, wow! My meditations, dreams and daily rituals have been opening up to so many new and fantastical worlds, dimensions, and Beings. I am sooo grateful. I am tickled on all levels in the frequency of child-like wonder. I am enlivened. This is really happening! Wahooo! Thank you, bring me more!"

- Jenice

Health Improvements


"For most of my life, I’ve had consistent headaches due to 2 severe head injuries. During the meditation, when I brought my focus to the center of my head with an etheric Stargate my headache cleared and I literally didn't feel any discomfort for the first time in years."

- Jamal


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About The Stargate

The Stargate creates powerful energetic experiences through guided meditations, effortlessly

Guided by Alcazar, channeled by Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard


The Stargate...

... Is an anchor for a higher dimensional consciousness - the same as your body is for your soul.

... Allows you to feel the presence of benevolent beings by elevating your frequency

... Helps you relax and reach deep states of meditation

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