Beloved Ones, we greet thee, 'tis Alcazar, 

Your 2021 is going to be an interesting year. It is, for some of you, a year of great potential. But, in the world view it is going to be a year of much chaos, confusion, fear and panic. And of course, we are here to support each and every one of you. 

Our intention is to create a regular communication and energetic support. It is of great import in these rapidly evolving times to maintain a high vibration, a connection to your Superconscious Self, and a connection to those like minded people who can assist you in staying connected to Spirit, to each other. So, we will be creating daily meditations, daily information, daily guidance in a series of ongoing monthly presentations, which we invite each one of you to join us on. 

The intention with this is to create for each individual a constant reconnection, a deepening of your Superconscious Self into the human experience so that the creation that you truly are, the vastness that you truly are can start to function more and more through your human self so that you can ride above the chaos and confusion that will be happening around you. 

In this way, through these morning talks, you will be connecting energetically with the whole of the Stargate Community, strengthening those connections, also creating in the Stargate Grid a stronger and stronger energetic. This will help you individually, but also this will affect that which we call the morphic field of humanity. And so, you will be contributing to the changes, the upliftment of humanity. 

We invite you to join us. We invite you in this year of decision, as we have called it, we invite you to decide to take responsibility for your own evolution. And so we invite you, we encourage you to consider the possibility of connecting with your Stargate Family regularly, energetically, and beginning to live a whole new reality in your own life. A reality that will also support those around you simply by your own joy, your own vibration emanating out to others. 

Beloved Ones, we have said for many years it is time to know thyself. Right now, this simple phrase, 'it is time to know thyself' could not be more relevant, could not be more important. It is time to know thyself and be free.

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