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Be part of the re-aligning and combining of the new Lemurian and Atlantean energies as the Arcturians, through Viviane Chauvet, guide us in anchoring this new potential...
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The energies of Lemuria and Atlantis are re-emerging...

We are gathering in the Azores 
to support the blending of these two important influences on humanity so that we can move forward on a harmonious timeline.

The reemergence of both Atlantis and Lemuria will act as a catalyst for humanity to move forward, without the fears, regrets and sadness from the past.
Together we can reclaim the living wisdom of these advanced civilizations.
The times of Lemuria and Atlantis, which were both very predominant civilizations, still carry a big weight on the soul level and on the historical and planetary level.

We are at a point of reconciliation
, since we can no longer carry old wounds or trauma, being influenced by the past karma.

We are going to be
calling in the energies of both Atlantis and Lemuria, experiencing one and then the other, and then bringing them together.

With Atlantis and Lemuria coming together there will be a reclamation of the gifts of both of these places.


Alcazar has said that the downfall that happened to Atlantis was meant to be. And that it was in fact very brave and strong souls who took on the roles in that time that led to Atlantis's destruction, because humanity had to descend fully into unconsciousness in order to reemerge, 
creating something totally new in the Universe

There's so much wisdom and healing temples
in both of those places.

To really access the vibration and the intention that was held there is going to be wonderful. And applying it now to us at this time on the planet in this place of rapid transformation.


Watch the free livestream below where we explored All About Atlantis
and the potentials of our work at the Azores workshop. 

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About Your Guides

Viviane Chauvet


Viviane Chauvet is an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar, published author, international public speaker, creator of the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing¬ģ and the Arcturian Healing Arts 3-month program, advocate for planetary ascension, an emissary for the Federation of Light, and owner of Infinite Healing from The Stars LLC. Viviane is the producer and co-host of the popular The Infinite Star Connections podcast. She featured in j3FILMS multi-award-winning documentary ‚ÄúExtraordinary: The Revelations.‚ÄĚ Viviane‚Äôs collaborative #1 Bestselling book series ‚ÄúWisdom of the Silver Sisters ‚Äď Guiding Grace‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúGolden Wisdom of Love, Legends & Legacies‚ÄĚ are on Amazon. She offers workshops and mediation series on YouTube and the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN) on Roku and Amazon Fire. For more information on her services and ascension library, please visit Viviane‚Äôs website: https://infinitehealingfromthestars.com

Prageet Harris


Prageet is an English, internationally known channel who has assisted people with spiritual growth for thirty years. With his guide, Alcazar, Prageet designed and built the Stargate, which assists groups and individuals in the process of understanding and knowing Self ‚Äď the process of awakening.

His whole life has been dedicated to understanding how we as humans operate, how the unconscious mind and the emotions influence us, and how to move easily out of those patterns that we feel are limiting us.

Julieanne Conard


Julieanne joined The Stargate Experience in 2012 after discovering a profound connection to the Stargate & the guide Alcazar, whom she also channels. 

With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life, which she now teaches to others around the world.

How The Stargate Energies Work

The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway that emits a powerful high vibrational energy field...

Enabling you to move into deep meditation simply and easily in a matter of moments.

The Stargate is a sacred geometrical structure that anchors a higher dimensional consciousness, enabling multidimensional experiences for those who meditate with it. Within the Stargate's high vibrational energy field, participants are empowered to actually feel and connect with the many enlightened guides and beings who are invited to join us. 

On a Quantum level the Stargate works to re-activate an awareness of your own Quantum Self, your Superconsciousness, as well as your higher dimensional DNA. It is within your higher dimensional DNA that the mysteries of your greater Self are held. It holds the key to who you are, who you have been, your part and purpose in the Universal scheme and your ability to communicate directly with Spirit.

Stargate frequencies, without any effort on the part of those participating, can dissolve limiting Karma and assist in re-aligning energetics, in some cases allowing physical rebalancing,  in other cases, mental and emotional relief. It can create past-life remembering and re-activation of psychic abilities.

The Stargate is an anchor for a
higher dimensional consciousness.

It uses the power of sacred geometry to broadcast the energetics of higher realms & the guides.

This is a totally new way of evolving your consciousness.

There’s nothing to do, just relax into the high vibrational energy fields and allow your Superconsciousness to elevate your human experience.

These energies dissolve the habits and patterns that are no longer serving you.

This happens effortlessly as you are connected to a far greater sense of self, universal energies, and your own innate wisdom.

The Stargate emits frequencies that are attuned to you individually.

This process is always guided by your own Superconscious or Higher Self, so the frequencies you are receiving are individualized, uniquely for you.

What will YOU experience?

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This is what the participants of this workshop shared with us ...

"As soon as I connect to the field at the beginning of each session I can feel myself going. I am feeling a very high resonance, its very different to anything I have felt before."

"Amazing day, deep silence, merging with the Divine Self and in session 3 a portal was opened, a bright light entered on the right side of my head and everything vibrated. I stayed the whole session in this bright light. Wow and this is just the beginning! Thank you bring me more amazing experiences."

"Recieved a beautiful, moving, heartfelt group hug from the lemurian and atlantean masters who joined us in this session. Such a blessed gift. Deep love and gratitude to everyone guiding, supporting and participating in this marvelous experience!"

"During this meditation, I invited all the guides into my heart, so that I can feel them more clearly and fully. It was a beautiful experience. The energies of the Lemurian lands and the Atlantean lands were very palpable and they were very visual. A beautiful meditation. Thank you."

"I felt the majestic strength and beauty of the Atlantean masters, represented in shades of blue. The Lemurian energy came in as softer yellow and creamy whites and gold and a beautiful sunset. The Lemurian energy was so gentle and tender and caused tears to flow. So grateful to be taken into this deep Love. Also so gratifying to know we are putting this stream of energy into our world. Thank you all three and all participating.""

Maria Marcela

We look forward to sharing something very special with you from the Azores...

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