An Embrace From The Beyond

Session Five

Aired live on March 24, 2019 


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Session Five Notes

In session 5 Alcazar speaks of current energies and their affects on us, relationships and their role in our lives, programs and beliefs and how to "move from belief to knowing, to experiencing." He also speaks to purpose and trust in Self, as well as how to cultivate abandance.

Question 1: 7:05
I am among those who might be called "grid workers" who are called to different places on the earth. Many seem to know very specifically WHERE to go and WHAT TO DO once there to facilitate openings and receive downloads at these places. I feel an enormous sense of responsibility in this and would like to know how can I be more certain that I am doing what is needed in these places?

Question 2: 10:55
I may feel sad and lonely sometimes because I don't know what my mission in life is. I don't know what to do or where I must go. Please, tell me something about this.

Question 3: 14:32
The more I shift and change, the more my partner rebels. I guess I hold on and stay focused?
Question 4: 19:40
Because of the financial difficulties I´m having at the moment, can I change the company I work for now or wait a little longer?

Question 5: 23:25
What I would like to know involves the upgrading of our experience and perception based on higher consciousness. In the process I feel more aware of how so many old ways in and around us are so ridiculous. I would like your input regarding the best reaction to the constant nonsense the world often seems to be running on. And how do I not judge myself for judging the ridiculousness?

Question 6: 28:30
How do I, mother of three grown children with children of their own, reconcile being rejected and abandoned by my children. The rejection became obvious following the divorce from their father. I ask for help to heal, adjust my perception, whatever it takes to accept and be free of the long-standing heartache. After years of crisis, to rebalance the energy at the family level and in the workplace, what is the best way?

Question 7: 36:18
I am lost.

Question 8: 40:04
I have always been a loner as far as I can remember. I have done quite a bit of work on myself, but finding it difficult to network. I really want to connect with people much more as I believe that would be a wonderful way to express myself and spread love.

Question 9: 42:12
I want to reset my beliefs that no longer serve me. Are there some suggestions that you would give us to facilitate this process?
Meditation - 47:46

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