An Embrace From The Beyond

Session Three - Connecting to Superconsciousness

Aired live on March 13, 2019 


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Session Three Notes

In this session Alcazar speaks of our Superconsciousness. 

"The soul yearns for the human experience just as much as the human yearns to experience the soul."  - Jerry Sweeten

Question 1 & 2: 4:53 

What is the difference between my Superconsciousness, my higher-self, my "I am" presence and my soul, and are my personal guides a part of any of this?

"Your Superconsciousness is completely connected to your higher-self, the differentiation that Alcazar makes is that your Superconsciousness as a human is that interface; that superconscious, super-intelligent being that is interfacing with your higher-self and your humanness.

The higher-self is then different because it's the part of you that has all the twelve aspects. That's the simplest way to fully understand what we're talking about when we say "Superconscious."  It is this super-intelligence within you and it is completely inter-connected with your higher-self." - Julieanne

How is Superconsciousness related to the quantum field, the higher-self and the soul?  What role or level does it play in our lives as far as our consciousness is concerned?  Is it the God within us once we manage to connect with it?

"In order for us to actually work with our Superconsciousness in a way that our humanness is aware of we need to raise our vibration.  We need to actually become more conscious. How do we become more conscious? By raising your vibration you allow more of the Superconscious awareness to come int the human part." - Prageet

Question 3 16:56 

During one of your recent meditations, you indicated that our Superconsciousness comes from highly evolved star families from other dimensions. Why, then, is it necessary for the Superconsciousness to go through the experience of incarnating, not just once but many times, in a dense physical body on this earth when it is already so highly evolved?

"If you can relate to this concept that consciousness has always been and always will be, then what to do? We continue to created. The universe is continuing to expand. You mentioned the star families. What Alcazar said is that there are many conscious beings out there in our universe, far more advanced than we are.  The way that the consciousness expands within the universe is that intelligent life forms reach this place that we call enlightenment, and from that place when the whole of their society is enlightened, the next step is to bring awareness consciousness to the next planetary system where life is beginning to evolve." - Prageet

"It's a bit like passing the Olympic Torch of Consciousness" - Julieanne

Question 3 - 22:37 

How do I open to receive clear recognizable guidance from my superconsciousness? In the past I’ve felt abandoned by my higher self/superconsciousness, and God. I’ve come to realize this isn’t true. Obviously I am getting something if I’ve been led to the Stargate Experience. But I ask for signs, for proof, and have yet to receive any tangible evidence. How do I open a clear communication channel and consciously receive the input I so desperately yearn for?

Question 4 - 29:40

I am confused about the relationship of the super-consciousness and the higher self. Are they the same or is one a part of the other? Also, I think it was said that enlightenment occurs when one completely encompasses the super-consciousness within the human body. Can you explain how this is enlightenment? Is it because the super-consciousness is truth and living entirely in truth is enlightenment? If the super-consciousness is in the human body, what are the other aspects of self living from?

Question 5 - 36:56

How to stay connected to my superconscious when living and working in 3D?

Meditation - 40:10 

"Superconsciousness in the Quantum Field"


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