An Embrace From The Beyond

Session Two - Moving Beyond Fear

Aired live on March 3, 2019 

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Session Two Notes

In this session Alcazar speaks of all types of fears: those that serve us and those that do not.  He discusses how we are conditioned to be afraid of our own fears, and how to move past this. The ultimate message is, "Don't let fear keep you hidden." Know that when you move towards your fears you are always supported energetically. 


Question 1: Starts at 11:34 minutes
My body rejects my love when i say "I love you." Why is this?

"Hold that uncomfortable feeling... tell it  "it is okay, you are part of my human experience.  I welcome your presence and bathe you in the energetic of love." Bring love to that place within which does not want to be loved."
- Alcazar

Question 2: Starts at 18:29 minutes

How can Gaia handle this 5G energy on her beautiful body?

"This is something that is actually quite dangerous on our environment. Everything on the earth will be influenced. As you become more conscious, as you raise your vibration, you can learn to defuse the effects of these energies but it requires a great deal of focus."
- Alcazar

Question 3:  Starts at 21:23 minutes
I am struggling with finding my way spiritually and am repeatedly having encounters with others I believe to be spiritual leaders, but I keep feeling betrayed or put off.  How do I manifest my way and see clearly?

"There are many people out there who profess to be spiritual leaders, guides, channels, etc. Some are in integrity, and some are not.  It is very important to tune in; to sense, to listen to your intuition.  If your feeling is YES, good. However, it is of great benefit to not just accept everything that is said.  Always tune in to see if this is right for you."

"It's about the resonance of the truth that you feel in your heart.  Whoever you have given your power to and feel betrayed by, take that power back and say "I have so much integrity and so much honest desire to grow," and let that propel you forward."

Question 4: Starts at 25:28 minutes
It's felt to me like all roots to manifestation and creation are blocked.  Recently I have felt a need to reset, but I'm also feeling forced to reset.  It has made me feel out of sync.  How do I navigate this?

"In these times it is important to ask "what are my beliefs and my habits that aren't working anymore?" As the energies change on the planet, we need to change with them.  As the vibration goes up, we need to help our energies rise, as well.

The real question is "What's stopping me from being an effective creator? You have been fighting against your internal knowingness that is telling you to take a step back, to look inside.  Yes it is to bring these energies.  Ask for the messages you need to move forward instead of trying to power through.. Let THAT be the "reset." You have no idea what you are being reset for.  If you can relax into it you can start to be shown these unconscious limiting programs.

For everyone it comes down to recognizing the limitations. So often the inner child work can assist in dissolving these very rapidly."

Question 5:  Starts at 31:28 minutes

Does the constant thinking or yearning over past intimate relationships, and also the inability to let go of pain in the work place cause disruptions in one's energetic field?  If so, what is the best way to let go, release and move forward, and what awaits when doing so?

"You're talking about attachment.  You're talking about judging past relationships. You must ask what is it in you that creates the judgement of others?  So often we judge others for what we feel about ourselves. Start asking yourself the best way to release. When you do this, you will gain freedom, more beautiful relationships, less internal conflict and an amazing ability to create what you wish for in your life."

Question 6 Starts at 36:22 minutes
Dear Alcazar, I am in your energy and that of the Stargate. As I tap into it, I feel this sense of belonging, strength and a feeling of working along side the guides that are there for me.  How can I bring that strength into me and propel me forward in my business to support humanity? I need the confidence and strength in myself to just do it. I know I will be successful with this hard work.

"Always when you are starting a new project, ask yourself: "How do I truly feel about this?"  You are in a duality.  There is that part of you that says, "Yes, I can do this!" and another part that says you cannot. See what comes up for you in the quiet when you are meditating.  Take a look at your fears around the project.  When fears come in, look at them, send them love.  With your openness the "how" will be revealed to you."

Question 7:  Starts at 43:33 minutes
I wish to know your perspective on the conflicts and terrible acts of violence related to Islam. Why is this so? What is the truth of Islam?

"The beauty of religions is not the dogma, but the beauty of the One, the enlightened One that the religions were created after their departure. The enlightened being is never understood. The enlightened being is constantly misquoted and misrepresented by all of the religions. Islam does not have the violence to itself. Religions and countries who have adopted these religions have created violence throughout your history. Islam in it's purity is beautiful, as are the other religions when the truth and the energies of those enlightened ones are tuned into."

Starts at 50:02 minutes


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