An Embrace From The Beyond

Session One - The First Embrace

Aired live on February 26, 2019 

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Session One Notes


Opening Channeling: 3 minutes in to the video...

Catalyst Year. Focus on Internal Experience not the News.

Inviting Higher Dimensional Consciousness.

Recognizing that beyond the words spoken (for the mind) there is an energetic.


Question 1: 11 minutes

How to stay connected to the Quantum in my day to day?


Question 2: 18 minutes

Confusion about “Nothing to do” when BioReprogramming and Essence work feel like something to “do.”


Question 3: 24 minutes

A concern that inability to attend the BluePrint for a New Humanity in Slovenia will allow one to fall behind in their progress. How can one receive the energies that this event will bring?


Question 4: 31 minutes

Am I an Arcturian? Connecting with one’s Star Family and understanding where we have come from.


Question 5: 35 minutes

How do older light beings cope?


Question 6: 40 minutes

Is it ever okay to be codependent in a relationship?


Meditation 'Multi-dimensional Cascades' 
44 minutes


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