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A New Level of Understanding


Recorded Live in Mt Shasta - Easter 2018

A New Level Of Understanding

The Easter audio set, A New Level of Understanding, is very much about the deep process of working through individual difficulties and situations which will help you reveal to yourself what needs to come up in your life, in your situation. 

Listen to Alcazar as he talks people through an awareness of their situation and brings them to a place of resolution and freedom.

This audio set is for those people who are ready to move into a deeper understanding of how their limitations have been created - and how to resolve them.

There is much more discussion and guidance in this Intensive than usual, and it requires a focused listening if you choose to participate.

If you are ready to look deeply and honestly at your limitations, then this audio set is a gift to you from Alcazar and all of the participants!

This Easter 2018 audio set is the final part in the series of three Intensives that started with the Thanksgiving 2017 - The Awakening of Humanity, and continued with New Year's 2018 - A New Universe Unfolding.

In Order to Fully Benefit

To fully participate in this Easter audio set it is important to have completed 'The Awakening of Humanity' and 'A New Universe Unfolding', as Alcazar is building up an energy and information field throughout the series that prepares you for 'A New Level of Understanding'.


It is time to connect with your Superconsciousness. "Humanity is awakening, and ready for the next level of an influx of support from the higher dimensions."



Learn about what really happened with the "Big Bang". And what happened to YOU back then. A whole new perspective on who you are and where you are from.  And immersion into the REAL YOU.



Alcazar's guidance through the process of individual difficulties and situations. For the first time Alcazar brought in the energies of the whole Alcazar Group.


What People Are Saying About Their Experiences At The Easter Stargate Intensive

"Intense and beautiful - the energies are still working in my life, showing me what is wanting, ready to be released..."

Easter Intensive Participant

"I wanted to share about the seeding from Alcazar. When he first came in and brought the energy I burst into tears. Someone behind me was crying also. It was so powerful. After we went out side where I found a private spot and continued to cry. It was as if I was releasing all of that ---- when the tears were done I sat among the trees in a surreal state. I knew I could call on this place when ever I needed. It was bliss--I did not want to leave. But I remember---- and can recall the feelings--- very beautiful."

Easter Intensive Participant

"It was an intensive and beautiful experience. Every time someone was releasing a limitation I could feel a shift in the energy field. During the following days I could feel the field getting vast and also I felt connected with everybody."

Easter Intensive Participant

A New Level of Understanding

It is our intention to share Alcazar's wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences more accessible to those countries and individuals who are financially challenged at the moment, we are creating an inexpensive option to purchase this audio set. Please take a moment to tune in and see the level at which you would like to support the Stargate work!

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