Recorded Live in Mount Shasta

Self-Love and The Quantum Field

The Valentine's 2020 Stargate Intensive Audio Set

“Our intention these days together are to focus on loving your Self enough in order to start knowing your Self. This might seem a little strange, but Beloved Ones, there is so much more to discover about who you truly are.”

- Alcazar

Experience New Depths of Love!

During this intensive, we explore the energetic of love in its many facets. Through this experiencing, a whole new level of integration with our True Self becomes possible as the things that have been limiting this connection come clearly into loving awareness.

Day 1
Alcazar explains and guides us in a simple practice on how to create with our intention without 'doing'.  The Galactic Command bring a layering of energetics to support our clarity in understanding that loving Self is the key to dissolving our limitations and bring energies to assist us in loving all parts of Self. We are then guided in a beautiful process of going into the depths of our Subconscious Mind where we radiate our love to all the images of ourself that come into our awareness.
Day 2
Alcazar shares understandings that help to dispel certain beliefs that are commonly held about love. We are then guided in a meditation that creates a Quantum Field of Deep Gratitude. Within this field, we are guided into a process of first bringing total acceptance to ourselves, then radiating love throughout our timeline, and culminating in our Superconsciousness illuminating our hearts.
In the second meditation of the day, Prageet brings through the Quantum 'wind sounds' for the first time ever! With the assistance of the wind sounds, Mount Shasta, and the Star Beings, we are guided into connecting with and experiencing our own multi-dimensionality. Gaia then assists us in aligning with and anchoring more of our multi-dimensional Beingness here on Earth.
Day 3
The energetic experience offered during this day is an opportunity to connect you with the Essence of Love. We build up this Essence of Love energy within the Stargate and then radiate it to the future Stargate Global Gathering. Then, we receive the amplified Essence of Love energy as the future gathering sends it back to us! The invitation is then to integrate this Essence of Love into our humanness and to claim: 'with this love I know myself'.
Day 4
We begin day four by tuning into the energy of Oneness that we have created together, and within this space, feel into what within us wants to move, what we want to create for ourselves this day.
We're then guided into a beautiful process with our inner child, where we create circle a self-sustaining love within our beingness. The sisters of Cassiopeia offer to create a bubble of pure love energy around you and your inner child, and the Galactic Command share their love and honoring for that which we are creating here.
Within the final meditation, Alcazar shares insights and suggestions for us to continue raising our vibration in a more permanent way. An experience of connecting more deeply with our heart center is offered as the wind sounds, or as Alcazar now describes them, the no sound of the Quantum Field facilitate a deeper connection with our Beingness. The Galactic Command bring an energy of support and integration, and Sananda presents us with a special invitation. To close, we infuse these energies of love into our home environments so that this energy is there to support us as we move back into our daily lives.


“You are the creator of your own reality, and you are the one who can bring more love, more life, more joy, more abundance into your life. The amazing thing is you don’t have to know how to do it, just be it.”

Experience the Direct Wisdom of Alcazar

 In each Stargate workshop, space is made available for participants to ask questions and receive one-on-one guidance from Alcazar. Alcazar often says that the shares are just as important as the meditations because it provides the guides with feedback on how we, our human selves, are perceiving the energies. It also is a time where the release of old patterns can happen very quickly, which then opens up the space for the Guides to bring in the next level of energies to the group.
Here are some of the topics that Alcazar shares his wisdom on in this intensive:
  •  What is Love?
  • How events that take place while in the womb effect your life, and the way to resolve these patterns
  •  Are men and women really equal?
  •  How to relax the mind
  •  How can I love myself more?
  • Understanding the limitation of independence
  • What it really means to 'take your power back'
  • And much more!


“Loving yourself deeper and deeper will bring amazing experiences into your life - not just experiences of love.

As you love yourself more deeply, you are allowing your Self to open to receive the gifts, that Spirit, the Universe, your Superconsciousness wish to bring you.

- Alcazar 

Self-Love and The Quantum Field

It is our intention to share Alcazar's wisdom with the world. In order to make these experiences more accessible to those countries and individuals who are financially challenged at the moment, we are creating an inexpensive option to purchase this audio set. Please take a moment to tune in and see the level at which you would like to support the Stargate work!

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“Beloved Ones, love is many things, but let us say this: Love is your true nature. Love is who you truly are.

Claim it - Live it - Be it 

Be One with Love.

- Alcazar




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