Ancient Lemuria Rising -

The Return of The Lemurian Energies

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Broadcast from Mount Shasta (The Stargate Experience) and the sacred Āina, the land, of Hawaii (Kahuna Kalei)

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The mysteries and wisdom of Lemuria have not been lost…

They have been preserved in the Hawaiian lineage of Kahuna Kalei, and with the Lemurian Masters who, for millennia, have lived in Telos, an inner earth city beneath Mount Shasta.  This wisdom has been preserved, waiting for humanity to raise its consciousness again.  We are reaching that point when this wisdom can be given back to us.

Kalei’s lineage is traceable back to Lemuria.  She will share with you the stories of the Lemurians as they moved out around the world as the continent slowly sank beneath the Pacific Ocean, leaving only what we now call the Hawaiian Islands.  

Kahuna Kalei will channel the wisdom of the ancients as they bring their insights into today's world.  

Hear the accounts of Lemuria handed down generation to generation.  Kahuna Kalei's lineage goes back unbroken to Lemurian times.  The Ancients speak through her.

The Stargate is a unique, quantum energy device given to humanity in 1989, brought to the planet on Maui, Hawaii, and for many years has been involved in drawing back the Lemurian wisdom to Hawaii.

In this live online event, the Stargate's guide Alcazar will create a Stargate meditation that will bring into your own home a vibrant, quantum energy field in which you will feel the living energy of Lemuria and your own deep connection with the wisdom and beauty of this ancient civilization.

 Experience the Pleiadian Transmissions 

in One of the Most Powerful Alignments of the Current Age

It has been many many centuries since the Pleiadians first arrived here to assist humanity in becoming conscious.

As many of you know, they deposited Communication Portals (Time Capsules) in many locations around your world. These are being activated now. At this particular time, the Pleiades are visible over your Hawaiian Islands and your Mount Shasta. There will be a whole new level of direct transmissions from the Pleiadians to you.

These energies support the radiations from the Time Capsules and will be bringing a whole new level of awareness to those who are willing to become free.



Connecting you to the energies of Lemuria


A direct descendant of the Lemurian lineage



Between Lemuria (Hawaii) and Mt Shasta


Kahuna Kalei

Kahuna Wahine Ali'i Nui Kalei'iliahi Ka'ili­kapu­o­Lono is a kanaka maoli (aboriginal) of Hawai'i.

Her ancestral roots trace 75 generations all the way back to the stars, to the Makali'i (the Pleiades), to Papa (Earth Mother) and Wakea (Sky Father) and down a long line of Kahuna Ali'i Wahine and Kahuna Ali'i Kane (Royal High Chief Priests and Royal High Chiefess Priestesses). She is Ambassador to these grand ones and carries their royal blood.

Kahuna Kalei'iliahi is a Spiritual Intuitive/Healer, a Wisdom Keeper, Visionary Artist, Keeper of the Lemurian Truths, a seer, medium, metaphysician, and channel for some of the most beautiful Holy Beings ... to name some of the blessings she carries from her grand lineage. Her specialty as a Spiritual Intuitive/Healer is clearing the blocks.

She is available for Spiritual Readings, to visit Sacred Sites and to share the ways of her people ... bringing to you her deep aloha and sacred mana (Spiritual Power).

Prageet Harris

After many years with the Master Osho, spontaneous channeling happened for Prageet when he was living on the island of Maui, Hawaii in 1988.

His guide introduced himself as Alcazar, a Universal Master with a vast understanding of the human condition.  

In 1989, Alcazar channeled the design of the Stargate to Prageet.

The Stargate is one of the leading-edge devices that can assist in the rapid expansion of human consciousness.

It is a brilliant delivery system for our evolution, effective by simply creating multiple levels of vibrations and frequencies.

The Stargate is a sacred-geometric structure that creates a Quantum energy field, assisting you to move into deep meditation as you feel your personal vibration raising.

You then become far more sensitive to the energies, and actually feel the presence of Light Beings from 'beyond the veil'.

Julieanne Conard

Julieanne Conard has been part of The Stargate Experience since 2012, when she discovered a profound connection with both the Stargate and the guide Alcazar, whom she also channels.

Together Prageet and Julieanne travel the world sharing the Stargate work.

Interestingly, it was on Maui, Hawaii in late 2012 that Alcazar first started to channel through Julieanne.  (Maui is also the birth-place of the Stargate!)

The Stargate Experience has been back to Maui several times to create "Intensive" four-day workshops, where the focus has been to call back the energies of Lemuria to the Āina, the land, of Hawaii.

With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life.  

The Essence is a vibrant, intelligent energy that can be accessed anytime to rapidly dissolve limiting thought forms, emotional difficulties, and physical imbalances.

Lemuria is calling you...

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