Ignite Your Life From The Inside Out!


In this 21-Day program you will be guided to enhance the capacity of each cell in your body to deepen your connection with your Superconsciousness.

The four, one-hour coaching webinars are designed to stage the development of your body's capacity to raise its vibration.

The program is led by Shamir Ladhani, an international speaker and transformational coach who specializes in harmonizing science with spirituality.  

With Shamir's coaching, you will learn how to bring more ease, joy, and vitality into your daily life!

Program Overview

Session 1: Learn how to tune-in to your body and use techniques in anticipation of stress, fear and anxiety


Session 2: Re-Align Your Cells to Improve Connection with SuperConsciousness


Session 3: Turn Fear into Fuel - use advanced techniques to help you overcome challenges and find unique solutions to your issues


Session 4: Learn how to program your cells to continually broadcast Compassion.

About Shamir Ladhani

Shamir is an International speaker and transformational coach specializing in harmonizing science with spirituality. He has a graduate degree in engineering and is the originator of Panther Wave (TM) Guided Meditation technique helping individuals IGNITE from Inside Out. Shamir has helped his clients bridge the gulf between science and spirituality to overcome fear and anxiety, reduce reliance on medications and improve their overall wellness. Participants in his online group coaching program have reported significant improvements in just 14 days into the 21-Day Program.

The 21-Day Reboot Program

Shamir has reduced the cost of this program for our audience from $197 to $47 so that we can all have the support to establish an effortless way to shift back into high vibrations when you're feeling down, and to go higher, broader and brighter on a daily basis!


One-Time Payment

In this program you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to 4 previously recorded one hour webinar coaching sessions
  • Workbook and Worksheets to anchor your practice
  • Weekly Practice Exercises 
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