2019 Bosnia Pyramid Tour Recordings

Meditations and Channelings From The Sacred Sites 

Professionally Edited By Robert Haig Coxon, With His Original Music

Discover the Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids

There's much controversy over the Bosnian Pyramids.  Some experts say more research must be done before their authenticity can be verified...

When we visited the sites for ourselves, we were absolutely blown away by the powerful and unique energies, and we were left with no doubt that these are ancient energy devices.

Tune in to these energies for yourself, with the 2019 tour audio recordings.

Archaeology, Science, Energy and Spirituality come together in this unique environment...
Discover the mysterious, ancient sites through the channelings of Alcazar, light language of Lilly Wong, music of Robert Coxon, and the Stargate energy transmissions, all of which are included in this audio set.


2019 Bosnia Pyramid Tour Audio Recordings

•Pyramid of the Sun - Galactic Energy Transmission and Light Language Activation

•Pyramid of the Moon - Divine Feminine Energy Meditation, Connection to Gaia, and The Void of Pure Potential

•Meditations and profound insights from Alcazar recorded in the depths of the underground labyrinth

•'Bosnian Moon Disc' Light Language activation from Lilly Wong

•'Healing Bosnia' musical transmission from Robert Haig Coxon


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The Pyramid Of The Sun

The Pyramid Of The Sun has a measurable 6 foot wide scalar wave, moving out faster than the speed of light into the cosmos.

Experience the Galactic Command transmission that occurred on this sacred site.

The Pyramid Of The Moon

The energetics of The Pyramid Of The Mood radiate outward in all directions in a heartbeat rhythm.

Connect with the divine feminine and the void of pure potential in this meditation, and experience the inverted pyramid connecting you deep into Gaia.

The Underground Labyrinth

We could all feel a tangible 'balancing' of our energies in this underground labyrinth.

These underground tunnels are known for their healing properties - and some people on our tour even reported physical healing! 

The tunnels seem to flow with a "river" of Light Beings who are known as the guardians of this ancient place (see video below!)

Meditate with the Stargate transmissions in these tunnels, and experience the energetics coming to you through the Quantum Field.

Some of the scientific discoveries made in the labyrinths 

Pure water free from bacteria and viruses • Scalar wave transmission from the summit of the Pyramid of the Sun • Pure air - even deep in the tunnels • High concentrations of negative ions • Huge bovis scale (life force) readings • Ceramic megaliths containing quartz • Three layers of underground tunnels • An environment conducive to healing • More is still being discovered...
Watch the video below and see the 'river' of orbs captured in one of the rooms in Ravne Tunnels by volunteers in 2014.

"The Pyramids are huge energy amplifiers using existing natural sources.  They are connected to the Cosmic Internet."

- Dr. Semir Osmanagic
Purchase The Audios Here For $22

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