The Stargate's Maui Intensive

Coming Home To Lemuria

Audios Recorded Live on Maui, Hawaii - September 2018

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"This is an invitation to you to come home.

Home to the ancient lands of Lemuria, where for many of you, it was the place that you first came into the body so very very many lifetimes ago.

So, Beloved Ones, this is an experience of 'the ancient you' energizing this beautiful one that you have evolved into." 


In This Audio Set You Will Receive:

  • Mp3 audio files of the entire five-day Maui 2018 Intensive 
  • Audio recordings of Q&A sessions where Alcazar works with participants one on one
  • Meditations with energy transmissions to connect you with the ancient energies and wisdom of Lemuria
  • Deeper explanations from Alcazar about the Quantum Field, the process of creation, and the power of gratitude
  • A special meditation experience with Lobsang Rampa and the 12 Tibetan Masters

Alcazar Speaks About Life in Lemuria...

“When you walked in Lemuria you knew, absolutely, you knew your true self.  

Do you realize that means that you knew all that you are in the other dimensional realities? You knew where you came from, your home in the stars.  

Beloveds, as you reconnect to these Lemurian energies, do not be surprised if whispers of who you truly are start to come to you through your knowingness, your intuition.

Trust and allow these ideas of your true self to expand within you.”

See What People Are Saying About Their Experiences at Stargate Intensives...

"This is a most amazing experience that taps into realms within yourself that are impossible to have imagined."

Stargate Testimonial

"Hard to express in words the amazing feelings of love and connection I've felt during the meditations. Very grateful for the wisdom of Alcazar and all that's being shared here, the DNA activation and other many blessings."

Stargate Testimonial

"Such an amazing journey of consciousness. I love everything about the Stargate Experience!"

Stargate Testimonial


"You cannot imagine the wonders that are available to you when you begin to operate through your Superconsciousness”

- Alcazar

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